Code Huddle

A collaborative platform for technology educators to easily create, remix, and deliver high quality technology curriculum.

Save time preparing for workshops — use Code Huddle.


Generate your in-person workshop course material using the easy to read and write Markdown syntax. Then use Code Huddle tools to convert your material into great looking and interactive HTML5 slide decks or online tutorials.

Code Huddle presentations can render the output of example code instantly in-browser, creating a seamless experience for learners. (See a real example.)

Embedding options also make it easy to include your Code Huddle tutorials on your website or blog.

If you prefer screencasts, video authoring tools are on the roadmap for Phase 2.

Inline code execution
Ladies Learning Code workshop


Why reinvent the wheel by creating educational resources from scratch each time? As technical educators, we should be able to pull, commit, and push bits of training material as easily as we fork and do pull requests on Github for code.

The core of Code Huddle is the ability to iterate on top of other people's open source curriculum. You can cherry pick from across all available courses, or even translate someone else's entire workshop into a new language.



Each discreet unit of your course material can include simple buttons to gather anonymous learner feedback.

Use the analytics to measure understandability to improve your own material, or to help select elements from other highly ranked community-contributed courses.



Browse through free community-submitted material with an easy to filter interface.

A combination of learner statistics and peer review ratings help the best course materials rise to the top.


How to Huddle

Meet Ray and Pearl. They both teach web development to new learners.

They used to spend hours writing curriculum content, coming up with interesting exercises, and building slide decks — alone. That is... until they learned the secret of the "huddle".

Pearl has a great analogy for explaining what an HTML tag is, and Ray has fun exercises for learning CSS typography. Now they can combine the best of their teaching materials to make the most understandable and fun HTML/CSS class ever!

Meet Faisal. He likes to teach advanced Node.js and CoffeeScript workshops.

He's running a workshop right now using the Code Huddle platform but one of his students signed up without the proper prerequisites and is finding the material a bit over his head.

Since tutorials are community-vetted, Faisal quickly finds pre-existing tutorials on Code Huddle and incorporates them into his current curriculum for the students to reference. With Code Huddle, Faisal doesn't have to slow down the more experienced developers in his workshop and everyone can learn at their own pace.

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